Injury Lawyer in Edwards County TXFollowing an accident in Edwards County, the clock starts ticking. Evidence and accident reports need to be collected to make sure you stand the best chance to receive the best results once you’ve filed a claim or lawsuit. In order for this to happen, you need to hire the right injury lawyer right away. At Carabin Shaw, we have collected a team of exceptional injury lawyers, each ready to jump right in and start the process of doing what needs to be done accurately and in a timely fashion. This assures you of the best possibility for a positive outcome and to receive the money you desire and deserve.

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Each of our injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw are highly skilled and experienced to handle your case in a determined and exceptional manner to assure that you receive the settlement you deserve. We don’t get paid unless you do, with that in mind, you know that we won’t rest until your case is settled to your satisfaction. Our injury attorneys understand that you need to focus on recovery rather than paperwork and deadlines. That’s where we come in. We’ll work diligently on your case because we have the experience with the vast network set up to confuse and deny most claims and lawsuits.

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Call around and ask tons of questions. And remember, we won’t get a dime until you do, so the injury lawyers at Carabin Shaw will work hard for you. If you need an injury lawyer in Edwards County TX areas, call us for a free consultation at (210) 202-4027. You’ll be glad you did.

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Injury Lawyer Also Handles Pet Dog Bite Cases

Pet dogs in Edwards County are adorable members of our families, filled with loyalty or devotion. Nevertheless, they are still animals and without proper socialization, can bite people even when unprovoked. Pet dog bites need medical attention, and when a child or an elderly person is involved, the results can be deadly. So, how do you hold a pet owner responsible for the attack?

A personal injury lawyer in Edwards County TX is the best individual to go about this concern. There are circumstances where the owner will declare that you provoked the attack by either touching the dog or acting aggressively.

Establishing Liability

An efficient injury lawyer in Edwards County TX will help you determine who is accountable for the attack. Various states have various laws that govern what steps are taken to guarantee individuals remain safe while pet dog lovers keep their dogs. There are some requirements that a canine owner needs to meet in terms of safety, and your personal injury lawyer will think about which ones were not followed.

For instance, residents in the majority of states are required to keep a warning sign on the premises to alert the general public that a pet dog resides on the property. When out in public, some pets with inappropriate socialization are required to be muzzled. This protects from bites and from sudden lunges. Sometimes children will try to touch the pet. Hence, if a bite happens in any of these scenarios, the owner would be held liable.

When it’s Your Fault

In some cases, the pet dog bite can be a result of the victim’s lack of awareness about public etiquette.

There are safety measures you can take to avoid an attack in the first place. For instance, never attempt to pet a strange canine no matter how adorable it looks. Unless you comprehend animal behavior, you can quickly find yourself on the defense. Therefore, if it’s established that you initiated contact with a dog that is restrained with a leash, muzzle or fence, no injury lawyer will be willing to take up the case. Also, never pet a pet that has a “Do Not Pet” tag on its leash.

The majority of owners take this effort to safeguard the dog no matter how tame it is. Always give a pet dog a wide berth no matter how tiny it looks.


Edwards County Injury LawyerIf the canine bite happened within the pet owner’s property, then you will be held liable, and no compensation will be awarded. However, if you had approval to go into the property or home and the canine attacked you, then the owner will be held liable considering that they should have restrained the canine. Therefore, if you find yourself within a property and the owner is unaware, then make certain you leave as soon as possible especially where there is a warning sign of security pets.

In Case Of an Attack

Contact the authorities and give as many details as possible about the attack. Next, go to a medical facility to have the injuries treated and recorded. These pieces of evidence will be utilized by your personal injury lawyer when claiming compensation from the dog owner and launching a case.

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